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Project Description Owner Last Change
accesscontrol.git AccessControl - extension... Aleš Kapica 12 months ago
crm_agents.git Pacemaker agents Aleš Kapica 7 years ago
gentoo_overlay.git 8 years ago
ncpfs.git Mount utilities for NCP protoc... Unknown 5 years ago
picexif.git picexif - script which allow... Aleš Kapica 6 years ago
puppet-lab.git No commits
puppet/crm.git Puppet module for Pacemaker Aleš Kapica 5 years ago
sps.git Git repozitáře Fandy Vacka František Vacek 10 years ago
xnbd.git xnbd - tool for management... Aleš Kapica 8 years ago
yad.git YAD (yet another dialog) ... Victor Ananjevsky 6 years ago
yad/yad-examples.git YAD - examples for test Aleš Kapica 6 years ago